7mesh_RiddenWord_SOT-134 September 25

Somewhere Over There

Sandwiched between Hoods In The Woods and the Powerhouse Plunge, Somewhere Over There oozes flow through natural terrain and offers the most downhill of the three. After a stiff entrance exam down a convexing rock slab the trail immediately changes to loamy singletrack weaving through a stand of large trees. After numerous sweeping corners the trail […]

S15_7mesh_Resistance_Womens-42 September 11

7 Days vs 7 Hours

A long road ride. A backcountry climb into the alpine. Park laps in Whistler. Exploring backroads on a cyclocross rig. These are not just sub genres of cycling but riding any of us at 7mesh could be found doing on a given day. So we want our product line to reflect this variety, and allow […]

S15_7mesh_Resistance_Womens-14 August 05

7mesh and W.L. Gore & Associates

It’s an old story, perhaps a cliché.  A group of product users, not satisfied with what they can find on the market, decide they will work to create something better.  In our case, the cliché is real.  The users are cyclists, the product is apparel, and the result is 7mesh.     We want to […]

7mesh_Hellracer250_2014_550 July 28

Hellracer 250

At 7mesh, cycling means more to us than just racing.  That’s not to say that we don’t race, rather that we do so much more with our bikes than merely compete.  We ride because it’s fun, because it’s convenient.  Because there are places to be explored, and places to be discovered.  The biggest reason we […]

7mesh_RiddenWord_HalfNelson-30 July 24

Half Nelson

A showcase trail of the Squamish mountain bike network, Half Nelson should be on everyone’s must ride list. Snaking its way through the forest below Garibaldi Provincial Park, riders are treated to the ultimate flow trail. Who wouldn’t enjoy three kms of tabletops and berms akin to a downhill pump track? The trail is named […]

S14_7mesh_TheCorridor_Chromag-136 July 18


In a fairly nondescript building in Whistler’s Function Junction area is the home of Chromag. Started in 2003 building steel hardtails designed for the demanding Whistler trails and moving into components shortly after, Chromag has grown into a player in the global bike scene while staying close to their Whistler roots. We talked with founder […]

7mesh_RiddenWord_Rupert (4 of 149) June 20


Gary McFarlane has created another gem that popped up this spring in Squamish  -  Rupert. Dropping in from the traverse trail between Mike’s Loop and Entrails, Rupert winds it’s way down to Mashiter utilizing the natural features of the terrain to offer an incredibly fun and flowy trail. Named after his dog that passed away […]

S14_7mesh_TheCorridor_Galileo (133 of 313) June 09

Galileo Coffee

Nestled in the trees along Highway 99, on the shores of Howe Sound, lies Galileo Coffee. Housed in a building that has seen it take many forms in it’s hundred year history, Galileo Coffee serves as both a cafe for commuters and visitors to the Sea to Sky region as well as a small batch […]

7mesh_RiddenWord_SeaToSkyTrail-117 June 06

Sea to Sky Trail round 2 : Whistler – Squamish

Enticed after our last trip up the Cheakamus Canyon on the Sea to Sky trail, we reversed direction and started up in Whistler. Winding it’s way along the Valley trail from Whistler down to Function Junction the first section is a cruise through the Whistler Valley. Once at Function the trail turns to a ribbon […]


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